Young Powertech Inc, a manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic, electrical , electronic and mechanical components for mobile, marine, mining and industrial applications.

SKU: GEAR-0001

Product Description

700 Series Gear Boxes

Young Powertech Series 700 HYD-DRIVES is a combination of proven Orbital motors and planetary gear reducers.


Planetary Gear Boxes

he YMPG Series Planetary reducers have been designed to cover a wide variety of applications in many fields. After many successful applications for many years in the Heavy Industrial
Field, they are now available in a complete range from 1500 Nm to 500,000 Nm and in a variety of version to fit almost every possible application in the Mobile, Farming, Marine and mining field.


Heco Series Gear Boxes

The Young Powertech Planetary speed reducers have been designed with the most advanced technology and are manufactured in one of the most modern facility today dedicated
to maintain the highest possible quality and with over 40 years esperience in this field we are confident to deliver a superior and trouble free product for many applications.